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Re Aphrodite* + Athina Antoniadou

Words of Transition. Rites, circles, triangles and water



Realised in collaboration with

Nicosia Municipal Gardens, 2016

Hidden Lives and Waters, MAC Niteroi (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói -Contemporary Art Museum Niteroi), Rio de Janeiro. Curator Luiz-Guilherme Vergara. 2016

Instituto Mesa. Jessica Gogan

Planetes, Paphos European Cultural Capital, 2017. Curator Elena Parpa

- Rites of writing: Circles, webs, shrines & water / Re Aphrodite
- The manual is lost, the software are illegal, and the program has been hacked / Athina Antoniadou
- A Quilt of Conversations / Editors Jessica Gogan and Luiz Guilherme Vergara
- Not(es) on participation (in the Cypriot arts) / Chrystalleni Loizidou
- Garden realisms / Evanthia (Evi) Tselika
- Bast Fook seven / Natalie Yiaxi
- Travelling goddesses and oracles / Stephanos Stephanides
- Helene; Interlocutor / Alexandra Manglis
- Heir of Paffetine / Rosa Couloute
- Dreaming in a colonial/post-Olympic city / Cíntia Guedes

- A saint is not an Orixa: Cosmopolitics, faiths & struggles in Latin America / Aleksander Aguilar
- Mary Forbidden / Sylvat Aziz
- Κυπριακές πνευματικές τεχνικές - Cypriot spiritual techniques / Marina Konstans
- Γεναιτζισιμές κουβέντες - Women talk / Re Aphrodite

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