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IXODOS is an Independent Translocal Artistic Exchange Platform


Ixodos is an international platform for transversal-translocal art exchanges, facilitating and accompanying residencies, projects, exhibitions, the sharing of knowledge, and the building of our common soul and greater selves.  

These art exchanges are not just between artists and art institutions but also between social, political and ecological projects and movements around the world, starting from Cyprus and Brazil. Ixodos was ritually initiated by Carolina Cortes, Chrystalleni Loizidou, Evanthia Tselika, and Livia Moura in Greece and Cyprus, initially in connection with Hippocrates'Garden, in the island of Cos, in June-August 2018. It generated its second residency programme at A Casa Lar, Rio de Janeiro, in June-August 2019.

Ixodos é uma plataforma de intercâmbios, trocas, facilitando e acompanhando residencias, projetos, exposições, o compartilhamento de conhecimento, e a construção e expansão de uma alma comum e de nossas existências.

Esta troca artística não é apenas entre artistas e instituições artísticas, mas também de projetos e movimentos sociais, políticos e ecológicos (ambientais) no mundo, começando com Chipre e Brasil.

Partial events calendar

Second Ixodos Residency at A Casa Lar 

Brasil: Rio de Janeiro, Natal, Baia, Sao Paolo

June-August, 2019

6 de julho 2pm+

Ixodos Launch at A Casa Lar

Launching Ixodos Independent-Translocal Art Exchanges

An initiative by VAV (Brazil) + Re Aphrodite (Cyprus).

With this we celebrate the third of a series of beautiful encounters, and we invite our friends and their friends to come, 

create a beautiful present, 

see contemporary artwork collected in Cyprus by Re Aphrodite, 

make Mousakka (a strong greek food with layers of de-self-colonisation), 

sing, eat, and talk about what we share.  

We will connect in person or remotely, and share contacts with each other, and

people working between Cyprus and Brasil and discover interesting projects,

with Iouli, the healer-keeper of Hippocrates' Garden in the island of Cos, Greece, and 

The Free Software movement in Rio de Janeiro. 

We are at the same time working towards conversations with Museums and Archives about Open-Public Data Management Policy, and to connect and discuss international arts funding programmes and their dis/advantages. This is part of a wider Ixodos residency by Chrystalleni Loizidou at Casa Lar and which will host a series of events and workshops in July and August 2019.


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