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A Casa Lar

**A Casa Lar / The Home House is an artist space in the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro, directed by artist, singer, and curator Carolina Cortes, with an emphasis on engaged and restorative artistic practices of community and co-presence. It is a place to gather people around the fire, tell stories, feed with green food [Alimentação Viva], dance in circles, sing beautiful songs and be together to thank and celebrate life. A Casa Lar hosts an art residency which receives artists to be in the jungle, a wild garden that is part of a rainforest with native plants and animals. A quiet place for creation and to exercise living together.


As of 2019, A Casa Lar has been joined by Chrystalleni Loizidou as co-director. Chrystalleni is a Cyprus-based cultural studies scholar with a special interest in public and  meaningfully participatory art, openness, and technological freedom.  


A Casa Lar
Estrada da Gávea Pequena, 588
22°58’29.3″S 43°16’55.2″W
Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro – State of Rio de Janeiro, 20531-420, Brazil



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